23 Sep 2013

Vault 2014 SP1 Hotfix 1

A new hotfix is available for Vault 2014, client and server.  Please read the readme and follow the instructions for your setup.

Description of the Issues
  1. The Change Order Approval dialog now supports Windows authentication.
  2. Resolved a revision sorting order that resulted in the 'attach file' and 'edit item BOM' features to be non-functional.
  3. Resolved multiple content source property provider issues to prevent DWG check in problems and IIS worker process crashes.
  4. The Web Client now logs in properly after an automatic log out.
  5. Adding a new property to a replicated file and attempting to check out the file or edit the property, incorrectly resulted in the error, "The requested file was missing from the file store."

As always, updating Vault should be a planned event when it is most convenient for your users and server manager so please consult with each other before executing the fix.

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