16 Nov 2011

Activate the Old Menu bar in AutoCAD

Most of you will be aware that AutoCAD has been using a Ribbon interface for a number of years. On the whole, people have moved to using this, helping integration across different applications, such as Inventor, which also runs a Ribbon interface.

If you are still using the old Classic interface and want to transition to the newer Ribbon interface, or perhaps already using the Ribbon interface, but from time to time you are unable to find the exact tool you want. There is a neat interface tool you can utilise:
  • If you go to the Quick Access Toolbar along the top of the AutoCAD window, then click on the small black down arrow at the end you will find a list of tools you can turn on/off by default. Scroll down a little further and there is an option to Show Menu Bar.

  • This will provide you with the old Classic Menu Bar, alongside the Ribbon. A nice way of finding everything you need, or a good way of helping transition from Classic to Ribbon interface.

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