3 Feb 2012

Add In Differences Between Inventor and Inventor Professional 2012

Please find the table below to see which Add In's are part of Autodesk Inventor and Autodesk Inventor Professional:

Default Add In's for Autodesk Inventor:Default Add In's for Autodesk Inventor Pro:
BIM Exchange BIM Exchange
Assembly Bonus Tools Assembly Bonus Tools
Autodesk DWF Markup Manager Autodesk DWF Markup Manager
Autodesk iDrop Translator Autodesk iDrop Translator
AutoLimits Autodesk IDF Translator
Content Center AutoLimits
Content Center Item Translator Content Center
Design Accelerator Content Center Item Translator
Drag & Drop Interoperability Design Accelerator
ESKD Support Drag & Drop Interoperability
Frame Generator ESKD Support
iLogic Frame Generator
Inventor Studio iLogic
Inventor Vault Inventor Studio
Translator: Alias Inventor Vault
Translator: CATIA V4 Import Routed Systems: Cable & Harness
Translator: CATIA V5 Import Routed Systems: Tube & Pipe
Translator: CATIA V5 Part Export Simulation: Dynamic Simulation
Translator: CATIA V5 Product Export Simulation: Stress Analysis
Translator: DWF Translator: Alias
Translator: DWFx Translator: CATIA V4 Import
Translator: DWG Translator: CATIA V5 Import
Translator: DXF Translator: CATIA V5 Part Export
Translator: IGES Translator: CATIA V5 Product Export
Translator: JT Translator: DWF
Translator: Parasolid Binary Translator: DWFx
Translator: Parasolid Text Translator: DWG
Translator: PDF Translator: DXF
Translator: Pro/ENGINEER Translator: IGES
Translator: Pro/ENGINEER Granite Translator: JT
Translator: Pro/ENGINEER Neutral Translator: Parasolid Binary
Translator: SAT Translator: Parasolid Text
Translator: SolidWorks Translator: PDF
Translator: STEP Translator: Pro/ENGINEER
Translator: STL Translator: Pro/ENGINEER Granite
Translator: UGS NX Translator: Pro/ENGINEER Neutral
 Translator: SAT
 Translator: SolidWorks
 Translator: STEP
 Translator: STL
 Translator: UGS NX

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