27 Mar 2012

New Autodesk 2013 Product Design Suites

Autodesk is making some big changes and the news is good. Consider this your exclusive preview.

On March 27, 2012 Autodesk will release the Product Design Suite 2013 product line. Product Design Suite already provides a powerful set of design, visualisation and simulation software designed to help manufacturers improve communication with their customers, more easily respond to changing business needs and accelerate the design process. The new versions offer even more 3D at even better prices. Especially Product Design Suite Standard, which now includes Autodesk Inventor software.

To get a preview of the new Suites and what they contain, please visit Autodesk's website below:


More to follow...

24 Mar 2012

Import and Export Vault Configurations

Once you have your Vault configured, you can log into the Vault server console and save your configuration. The configuration can be used when configuring a new Vault. The following steps can be used to export your configuration.

Export a Configuration

  • On the Start Menu, select All Programs > Autodesk > Autodesk Data Management > Autodesk Data Management Server Console.
  • On the left side of the Server Console select the Vault you want to export the configuration from.
  • From the Action pull down menu select Export Configuration.
  • Select a location and filename for the configuration file and select Save.

Import a Configuration

  • From the Start Menu, select All Programs > Autodesk > Autodesk Data Management > Autodesk Data Management Server Console.
  • On the left side of the Server Console select the Vault you want to apply the existing configuration.
  • From the Action pull down menu select Import Configuration.
  • Select the configuration file and select Open.

Note: after an Import Configuration, run a -Ob2bmigrate to ensure that the changes are fully implemented.

23 Mar 2012

Autodesk Vault White Papers

Autodesk regularly publishes White Papers regarding frequently asked-for topics such as how something works, best practises and optimising performance. There is a wealth of topics covered on the Autodesk Vault White Paper website.

The latest addition to the Vault White Papers website covers tests carried out on Vault speed performance used in conjunction with Riverbed WAN Optimisation technologies. See "Speed collaboration using Autodesk Vault and Riverbed WAN Optimisation".

"Geographically dispersed teams using 3D for clear design communication may struggle to collaborate effectively because sharing data using common Microsoft Windows file directories can take too long. Autodesk® Vault helps solve this problem by improving access to the latest designs even across global, wide area networks (WANs). When WANs exhibit high latency, the combination of Autodesk Vault and Riverbed® WAN optimisation technology utilising Steelhead®, a powerful data store and deduplication appliance, provides an effective solution to help maintain fast and efficient design data access. Tests performed by Autodesk illustrate the value of this combination—the addition of WAN optimisation may dramatically reduce file transfer by up to 99% without further requirements to upgrade or replace existing software or hardware"

This is an extract from the Cracking the Vault, Manufacturing Community Blog

22 Mar 2012

How to Use Inventor's Pack and Go

On support we need to request files from customer a lot, but we are also asked the best way to send Inventor information to colleagues or suppliers etc. The best way of sending Inventor information is using Pack and Go, as this will search for all elements required for the assembly/drawing you are doing a Pack and Go on. Follow the steps below to complete a Pack and Go yourself.
  • Before starting a Pack and Go, open the Assembly or Drawing you require packaging up. To start the Pack and Go command go to the Application Menu > Save As > Pack and Go. Once the dialogue appears you will need to set a Destination Folder, this is where all of the required files will go to. Under Options use the Keep Folder Hierarchy option (especially if you have Frame Generator or Bolted Connection parts) it is worth ticking Skip Templates and Skip Styles, this will help reduce the size. Once you are happy with the settings hit Search Now.

21 Mar 2012

Problem with Inventor Sketches not Having any Constraints

Have you run into a problem in Inventor where your Sketches have no Constraints? I.e. ends of lines are not joined to each other.

Well this can happen if the Inventor Sketch Constraints have been turned off. To check this, whilst in a Sketch, with nothing selected, right click in an empty space. Select Constraint Options from the right click menu. The dialogue below will be displayed, check that all Constraints are ticked on, if not click Select All and you should be back to normal.

20 Mar 2012

Showcase Decals with Image Colour Information

We have come across this situation a few times on support, where people have placed a Decal onto a face in Showcase. Then changed the properties of the Decal to use an image of their choosing, i.e. Company Logo or Picture. However the colours do not come through from the image file, it appears to be overridden in Showcase.
  •  The first step is to place your Decal on to the Face of your part. This is when you might notice that it is not displaying correctly.

19 Mar 2012

New AutoCAD Blend Command

If you have ever needed to create a spline between two selected lines or curves, AutoCAD 2012 has the answer, with the new blend command. 
  • Simply draw your geometry (Lines, curves, splines), then type blend at the command line, choose either Tangent or Smooth Continuity. Pick your first piece of geometry.

18 Mar 2012

Change AutoCAD Text Case

If you have mistakenly typed a piece of Text with different Case types, don't delete and retype the information. Simply use the AutoCAD tcase command to change Text Case (Works on any type of Text). 
  • First type your Text.

  • Then type tcase at the command line, you will be prompted to select the piece of Text, if not already selected. After which the TCASE - change text case dialogue will appear as below, where you can select the type of Case you want to have.

  • AutoCAD will then take care of the Case change for you.

17 Mar 2012

Website Addresses and Ports for Autodesk Activation

We understand that companies wish to have high security when it comes to Internet access, however this can prevent Autodesk Licensing over the Internet. If this is something you are interested in allowing through your network/firewall, or are experiencing issues, then the information below will be of interest.


Information regarding port activation through firewall from Autodesk:
Also, make sure the following sites are allowed through the proxy server without authentication. (*.autodesk.com, *.google-analytics.com, *.cloudfront.net, autocadws.com etc.).

Network License:

Ports used by Autodesk Network License Manager -

16 Mar 2012

Cascading Sequences for Autodesk Products (2012)

You want to know in what order cascade licensing checks for available licenses in Autodesk 2012 products? Please see the link and video below for further information:


15 Mar 2012

Inventor Fusion and Publisher Ribbons Switch Sides

We have come across a few instances where the Ribbon in Inventor Publisher and Inventor Fusion switches sides. I.e. instead of being towards the left as normal, they appear towards to the right. Note: This appears to occur more often with machines running a Tablet device (Wacom etc.).