25 Sep 2013

Introducing myself to the Blog

Dear Readers,

You may have noticed over the last month or so that the topics covered in the blog have deviated slightly from a CAD focused nature to something a little more eclectic.  That would be partly due to myself coming on board to chip in with the content.  Hi, I'm Scott Cunliffe.

I'm one of the helpdesk support engineers here at Micro Concepts, and I have been given free reign to post articles on things I find interesting in the world.  Having a degree in mechanical engineering and an interest in all things technological - both hardware and software based - the topics I post about will cover a pretty wide area of the modern world and won't be limited to just Autodesk tips n tricks or the latest service pack releases.  I like to keep on top of the latest developments going on in the consumer electronics market and that means articles on monitors, graphics cards, mobile phones and other kinds of gadgetry.  From the engineering side of things, I like the big stories as much as the smaller surprises in engineering advances, and it's the increasingly symbiotic nature that software and hardware plays in in conjunction with engineering practices that really motivates me.  I'm particularly interested to see how emerging tech, such as augmented reality, can benefit the engineering world and how we at Micro Concepts can play a part in something so promising.

I'll be writing in a mostly objective manner, but now and then I'll be dropping my own opinions into the fray and I'd welcome you to debate any of the points I put across.  If there's anything you would like me to cover in future posts, do get in touch and let me know what interests you.

Best regards,
Scott Cunliffe

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