22 Apr 2014

3DS Max Design 2013 Update 6

This is a cumulative update for 3DS Max Design 2013 so you may install from whichever version you currently have.

The download and readme can be found here:

Inventor 2013 SP2 Update 5

This update is again, cumulative so go straight to this if you do not have Updates 1-4, but ensure you have SP2 installed.

The download and readme's can be found here:

3DS Max Design 2014 Service Pack 5

3DS Max Design 2014 is now at SP5.

Please note: you will have to uninstall any beta or RC versions of 3DS Max from your system before applying this update.

The file can be found here:

Vault 2014 Service Pack 2

Service Pack 2 for Vault has been released.
Do not install this if you are on Vault Subscription Release 1, see this blog article.

Ensure you thoroughly read the readme before applying this update, which can be found here:


Inventor 2014 SP1 Update 3

Another cumulative update for Inventor 2014 SP1 i.e. if you don't have Update 1 or 2 yet you can ignore them and go straight to Update 3.  You do need SP1 installed, however.

The download and readme's can be found here:


AutoCAD 2014 ViewCube hotfix

There is a hotfix available for issues with the viewcube appearing on the output when plotting to PDF/DWF.

This applies to all versions of AutoCAD including Mechanical and Electrical.


Micro Concepts TLA 2014

The dates for this year's Technical Learning Academy have been finalised and we'll be hosting our day sessions in an area near you throughout May and early June.

Make sure you sign up for one of the following days:

13th May 2014 – Northampton
14th May 2014 – High Wycombe
15th May 2014 – Norwich
20th May 2014 – Duxford
21st May 2014 – Duxford
22nd May 2014 – Duxford 
5th June 2014 – Bristol

The TLA events are hands on days for Micro Concepts subscribers, with the exception of the 22nd which is an open day for non-subscribers.
We will have a range of topics covering product updates, how-to's and best practice techniques and as always you'll be able to ask questions and get answers from the team.

Get in touch with Andy Rogers if you would like to book a place.  They are limited so make sure you get in quick.

Quantum Levitation

What happens when you take a type-II superconductor place it above a magnet?  It becomes pinned in mid-air and will stay there until it is reoriented.
What happens when you place it below a magnet?  It becomes pinned, upside-down.

If you place it on a magnetic track, the superconductor will follow the track when an external force is applied, and continue to follow it until it loses its superconductivity (due to temperature) or until air resistance slows it down.  This works upside down too.  The disc in the video below can lift objects 70,000 times it's own weight which means that this particular disc could lift a small car.

This phenomenon is known as quantum locking.  A property of type-II superconductors is that they try to rid themselves of magnetic fields, but they can allow concentrated flux lines to pass through at certain points which are proportional to the material and the area.  This effectively pins the superconductor and allows it to levitate.

Boaz Almog gives an excellent TED talk on the subject.  Check it out here