24 May 2012

Project Factory.Modz() for Inventor

Traditionally machine line layouts in a factory are created with pen and paper or in the form of 2D drawings. Using these means, it is extremely difficult to explain the working intent of the machine lines toclients or internal stakeholders. Using 2D workflows, it is very challenging to account for movement of material, people, and material handling devices and show them interacting with each other inside the facility. The inability to clearly articulate the working intent often results in losing bids to competition and the inability to sell ideas to stakeholders.

23 May 2012

LABS - Project Simulus Technology Preview

Project Simulus is a free Technology Preview that showcases a number of innovative approaches to mechanical simulation. This Technology Preview offers powerful geometry modification capabilities through embedding Autodesk Fusion along with a very intuitive simplification environment to prepare various CAD models for different simulation studies. In addition, it provides you with easy and quick ways to set up and run many simulation studies, exploiting the power of Cloud computing that leaves your desktop free of much of the computational burdens.

22 May 2012

LABS - Feature Recognition for Inventor 2013

Use this application to convert neutral 3D CAD (STEP, SAT, or IGES solids) models into fully featured Autodesk Inventor models.

Feature mapping can be executed automatically or interactively as needed to maintain design intent.

You can find the download on Autodesk Labs at: