27 Sep 2013

Don't touch your Apple screen!!

With the arrival of Apples new iPhone 5S I'm sure we'll be seeing a few of them around here and there. However there is one little detail a German based computer club has released. The Chaos Computer Club (CCC) claims that they can beat Apples new finger scanner.

The new finger scanner allows users to unlock their phones through  the home button, where a laser cut crystal is used with a sensor to image the users fingerprint and unlock the phone 'securely'. However the CCC have claimed that by the use of a latex slide from a piece of glass, they ramped up the resolution of this image and used it to unlock the phone.

Unfortunately finger prints are left everywhere all day, every day. So its no surprise the use of finger prints are not the most effective use of security - its not quite like a password which you can change - a finger print is just something you've got.

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