24 Sep 2013

The founder of McAfee, John McAfee

I'm sure most of you will have had experience of McAfee anti-virus software.  It comes packaged on many pre-built desktops, is offered as a secondary install on several software applications, and even manages to pop-up in your browser offering a quick scan of your hard drive.  The software is internationally recognised as one of the major players in anti-virus solutions.

What isn't so well known, is the turbulent lifestyle of it's founder, John McAfee.  A man of many career related accomplishments, he also has quite a chequered past - and present.  He's currently on the run from the Belize government regarding the murder of his neighbour, but this is is just the tip of the iceberg.

Wired took a look at the history of John McAfee, and some of it is eye-popping.  To date he is rumoured to have been:

- a yoga expert
- a spiritual guru
- friends with killers
- a cocaine addict
- a drug manufacturer
- a paranoid schizophrenic

He has started poking fun at these accusations in some video blogs which can be found by searching for his name on YouTube.  In addition to this there is a biography due to be published and a movie to follow.

What is John's advice to customers of McAfee software?  In his own words, "uninstall it".  Even though he has not been involved with the company for the last 15 years, advice like this must surely be keeping McAfee AV's PR department on their toes.

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