31 Jul 2013

Vault 2013 Service Pack 1 Update 1 or Update 2?

After installing Vault 2013 Service Pack 1 Update 1 , you click on Help>About from the Pull down menu's

You notice that that under Build you see "Update 2 "

16-07-2013 14-57-31

This should read "Update 1"

Its minor, but possibly confusing. The build number indicates the installed version. 

Autodesk development are not currently intending to address this. However, it will be addressed if the opportunity arises in another update\fix.

Posted By Andy (Application Engineer)

30 Jul 2013

Mesh converter for Inventor 2013 +

Frustrated with the lack of options for your imported mesh files?  Autodesk has released an app called Mesh Enabler to convert your mesh features to solids, surfaces or composites, opening up productivity options that didn't previously exist.

Having tested this with a simple STL file, I can confirm that it produces surfaces and composites (relatively) easily, but I had some difficulty with solid generation.  This may be an issue with the integrity of the STL mesh itself.  Post-conversion editing tools do work but you will need some patience with your manipulation.

Available free for subscription customers.

Mesh Enabler for Inventor 2013+

"The Mesh Enabler application converts mesh features to solid base features or surface features. This function can be applied to individual or multi-selected mesh features or mesh feature folders.

After installing Mesh Enabler, right click on one or more imported mesh features of interest, and convert them into Base features (solids, surfaces, or composites) through a new context menu command. The graphical mesh data is converted into B-Rep Model data that can be used similar to imported solids and surfaces."

29 Jul 2013

Beta for Autodesk Inventor HSM Express

Autodesk Inventor HSM Express

A CAM solution for Autodesk Inventor users is coming soon. Get early access to Autodesk Inventor HSM Express and try it for free by signing up to participate in the Beta. 


26 Jul 2013

Change the icons of existing categories in Content Center in Inventor 2014

When you create a Category in your custom library, you have the option to browse and select the icons for it.

By the way, in previous versions of Inventor, once you have created the new Category, you cannot change the icons you have selected, because the options are grayed out when you open the Category Properties dialog box.

This has been improved in Inventor 2014.

After installing the Update 1, you will be able edit the Category Properties of an existing category and change the icons you have selected when you have created it.

Besides, in case you have copied a standard Category Structure to your custom library, if you want, you can also change the icons for these Categories that will display in Content Center with the custom icon when the custom library is in use in the active project.

Posted By Andy (Application Engineer)

25 Jul 2013

2 new UHD monitors to hit the market

The age when the resolution of desktop monitors far exceeded their TV counterparts seems to have ended.  The high definition standard for computer monitors became 1080p, a marketing buzzword that the manufacturers latched on to as a safe bet to secure sales.  Unfortunately that left the videophiles among us a little miffed as the progress of ever higher resolution monitors became stunted.  Although there are several monitors around the 2560 x 1600 mark, these have been left in a premium price band for several years - a little out of the acceptable price range of most consumers and not quite justifiable by many IT departments.

Now we are entering the UHD age and this is where TV's have the jump on monitors for the first time.  Several manufacturers have already released 4k TV's at prices that don't break the bank when compared to their desktop monitor equivalents.  So far there is little in the way of sub-£20k 4k monitors due for release, but recently I've seen 2 that have caught my eye - the Asus PQ321Q and the Sharp PN-K322B.
The Asus PQ321Q boasts 31.5" of screen real-estate with the 4k standard of 3840 x 2160 pixels on an IGZO screen (Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide) which allows for smaller pixels.  The panel features a plethora of input options including Display Port and dual HDMI, not to mention a couple of 2W speakers which will help to alleviate the lack of space left for external speakers when this dominates your desk.  Not a huge issue for most, but gamers will not be pleased with it's 8ms response time as they rarely want anything above 5ms.  Whether or not IGZO can compete with the colour reproduction of IPS in varying light levels, it at least has comparable viewing angles of the order of 176 degrees in both horizontal and vertical axes.  Great for when you have an entire production team scrutinizing your hard-thought-out designs.

Next up is the Sharp PN-K322B.  It follows along the same path as the Asus version but adds an extra 0.5" to the screen and throws in multi-touch and pen support to the mix.  The image above would suggest it is a dockable screen, but the tech specs don't hint at an internal battery for true portability.  Unfortunately these will only be produced for the Japanese market with a mere 250 per month gracing their shelves, but domestic-only supply hasn't stopped UK consumers wishing to get their hands on cheap 2560 x 1440 South Korean panels.  

Both come in at a price-point  rumoured to be in the range of $3500-$5000 (£2300-£3250) but if you want to utilise them to the fullest you're going to have to find a graphics solution that will be able to cope with these new resolutions so the expenditure won't stop there.  When you consider other options on the market for 4k monitors, these are a little more affordable but they'll still need to drop in price before they become mainstream.  For now, it's good to see the monitor market starting to move forward again.

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23 Jul 2013

Audi S8 Rim design tutorial

About one of the easiest things you can do in Inventor is create a wheel trim.  The following video shows you how to make an alloy for an Audi S8 in a blistering time of 13:43.

Enjoy the video and if you have Inventor Professional, make sure to run your designs through a stress test if you'd rather not be calling AA and holding up traffic on the M11.  My replacements for my 1998 Polo are waiting patiently in my Vault server for the first batch of 3D metallic printers to be released.

Installing Office 365 will remove VBA 7 modules and prevent Inventor 2014 from working properly

Installing Office 365 will remove VBA 7 modules from your computer, leading to the following:

Error messages are shown during Inventor 2014 launch
Unable open any document from Inventor 2014
Error messages are shown when executing VBA commands from AutoCAD



Close Inventor session and manually install VBA7 from Inventor source media:


Install VBA7 from "3rdParty\x64\VBA\Vba7.MSI" .


Install VBA7 from "3rdParty\x86\VBA\Vba7.MSI" .



Deploy VBA7 installer to the client from "3rdParty\x64\VBA\Vba7.MSI".


Deploy VBA7 installer to the client from "3rdParty\x86\VBA\Vba7.MSI".

Posted by Andy (Application Engineer)

10 Jul 2013

Update 2 for Inventor 2014

Published date: 2013-Jul-09
ID: DL21901957

Applies to:
Autodesk® Inventor® 2014
Autodesk® Inventor® Professional 2014

This Update addresses multiple issues for Inventor 2014 (see read me for details). This Update is cumulative and includes all changes contained in Update 1

To download files, follow this link