9 Jul 2012

View AutoCAD Layers Individually

All geometry and information on AutoCAD drawings will be on a layer, this may be just one, but in most cases this will be several. It may be useful to find out, or look at what information is on each layer to isolate the information.

This could be done via the Layer Properties Manager dialogue, turning the visibility of layers on or off as required.

However, there may be an easier way of doing this, by using the LAYWALK command.
  • Open your drawing in AutoCAD, notice that the different colours and line types are represented by geometry being on different Layers in the drawing.
  • Now type LAYWALK at the command line, this will show the LayerWalk dialogue. You can now choose a particular Layer from the list, or perhaps use the Select Objects button to pick a piece of geometry in the drawing and isolate the Layer it is on.
  • Note: The Restore on exit tick box, will turn all layers back on or off as they were before running the command.

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