4 Jul 2012

Autodesk Vault Idea Exchange

It is Autodesk's mission to make Autodesk Vault the world’s best Data Management solution. But they can not do it without you.

Do you have a great idea for a new feature or enhancement you would like to see in Autodesk Vault? Share your wish list directly with the Autodesk Vault Development Team, and let them turn your ideas into reality.

The Autodesk Idea Exchange is a forum dedicated to improving Autodesk Vault software by sharing product improvement ideas directly with the developers. The Vault Team is listening. If you have a great idea, they will consider it for inclusion into the development plan.

Post your ideas, see what your peers are thinking, and give kudos to the ideas you like the best. The more kudos an idea receives, the better the chance of it making it into the product. At the Idea Exchange, you can even track the status of ideas as they grow from initial concept to ultimate release!

Share your ideas now at the Autodesk Vault Idea Exchange.

This is an extract from the Cracking the Vault, Manufacturing Community Blog

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