30 Jul 2012

Batch Update Out of Date Vault Visualisation Files

For one reason or another it may be useful to do a batch update of Visualisation files (DWF/DWFx) inside Vault Professional. Below are steps to complete this on more of a batch level, rather than file by file, utilising the Job Server.
  • The first step is to Enable Job Server, go to Tools Administration Global Settings > Integrations TAB, then tick on the option as below.

  • Set up an Advanced Find to find all files which have the Visualisation Attachment property set to not System.

  • Display all the files (click on the More button until all are listed), and select all the files (CTRL + A). Then from the Actions menu select Update View > Queue Update. This step will take some time, adding all of the files to the Job Queue (viewable from the Tools menu).

  • To process the Jobs you then need to start a Job Processor on a machine. This can be found in the Windows Start menu, where you will be prompted for a Vault login – this needs to be a login with full access to the files. If files are Checked Out they will be skipped.

  • Note: You can run the job processor on multiple machines at one time, as the Job Processor will pull one Job from the Queue at a time.

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