2 Jul 2012

Preset Import Settings for File Types in Showcase 2013

In previous releases of Showcase you had one Import dialogue which appeared during Import, giving a short list of quality settings. After which you would then have to change the Environment, the Up Axis, Create your Shots to your liking.

In Showcase 2013 you can now preset your Import Settings for particular file types, i.e. .STP, .IAM, .IGES. Allowing you to not only choose the Import quality, but also the initial Environment, preset Shots, Up Axis amongst others.

To modify your presets see below:
  • Open Showcase and go to the File menu > Settings > Import Settings
  • You will then be presented with the Import Settings dialogue where you can start to tweak the default Import Settings for particular file types to your liking.
  • Simply adjust to suit, Close, then the next time you run an Import of the file type you have modified it will come in with the settings you have chosen.

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