17 Nov 2010

Changes Have Been Made to Some Assembly Components

When opening an Assembly sometimes this message can appear.

This is happening because Inventor recognises that since the last time the IAM was saved, changes have occurred in some of the Child components. At this time, it might not be clear, what those changes may be and I would like to find out.

If you click Yes, Inventor then tries to edit the files. If they are Vaulted, but not checked out, a message appears:

Component... is read-only or in use. Continue with edit?

In this instance, I want to see the latest updates, so I click Yes.

Switching to the Vault Browser we can see that the files need modifying because they show the dirty asterisk (*) character next to the filename.

So what can cause this to happen, even if you are sure that the files have not actually changed?

In this instance, the Assembly contains iPartsiPart_Child-01.ipt and iPart Child_02.ipt. If you look at the Vault Client you will see the following.

The above image shows that the first column Vault Status is a white circle. This means that the local file is the same as the Vault. It also shows that there is only one Vaulted version of the file, and you have it. So why is Inventor trying to edit the file?

The answer in this situation lies with the iPart Factory. If we look in the Vault Client for that file it gives us another clue.

This shows that the local iPart Factory.ipt is also the same as the latest version, but there are two versions.

What has happened is that the iPart Factory that defined the iPart Children in the Assembly, has been edited and Vaulted. Indeed, the iPart table row that defines that particular iPart Child has been edited. When Inventor opens the file, the iPart Factory is still local and it sees that it changed and does offer to update the Part. If you open one of the Children on its own you will see in the browser a small Lighting Flash indicating that the file needs updating.

This is an extract from the Cracking the Vault, Manufacturing Community Blog

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