17 Nov 2010

How to Rename Using Sequential Numbering in 2011

In Vault 2011, when you rename two files with the same prefix using the Sequential Numbering Scheme, the new names do not by default, retain the same prefix.

For example 100001.ipt and 100001.idw, get renamed to 100002.ipt and 100003.idw.

The following workflow shows how to get the same behaviour as in earlier releases.
  • Open the files in the Rename Wizard
  • Proceed to the Enter Names step in the wizard
  • Click  the Numbering Scheme button
  • Select None from the Numbering Scheme pull down option
  • Untick Prefix
  • Tick Increment
  • Select Apply
  • Click Close and Finish
This is an extract from the Cracking the Vault, Manufacturing Community Blog

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