17 Nov 2010

Use Excel to extract a BOM from your Inventor Assembly

Below is an example of an Excel macro, which allows you to choose an Inventor Assembly and pull some BOM information in at the active cell position. This example just pulls in the part number, description and quantity but you can modify it to pull through the property information you require.

Click here to download a Text file containing the VBA code that you will need for the Excel macro.

Follow the steps below to get an idea of how to use the VBA code above.
  • Start Microsoft Excel, then go to Options > Popular TAB > enable Show Developer tab in the Ribbon

  • Once you have enabled the Developer TAB, go to the Visual Basic tool.

  • Inside Visual Basic, go to the Tools menu > References > enable Autodesk Inventor object Library in the list.

  • Now copy the supplied Code into the Code panel for ThisWorkbook

  • To finish off you can run the Macro and choose an Inventor Assembly to populate Excel.

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