17 Nov 2010

Use Wildcard to Stop Electrical pre filtering Manufacturers

The new Catalog Lookup in AutoCAD Electrical 2011 allows you to filter and search by any field, Manufacturer, Type, Style etc. However there is a large performance overhead with this, so the Catalog Lookup is pre-filtered on opening to prevent all the records having to be loaded (the pushbutton component table has just under 100000 records for example). If you are editing the component and it already has Catalog information applied then it will filter using this information. It will filter on the Manufacturer and the fourth and fifth fields in the table (which are different for each component type).

If it is a component without the Catalog information assigned then it will still filter, but uses the first record in the database table to provide the Manufacturer and fourth and fifth record entries.

  • Prior to selecting the Catalog Lookup button, type * (wildcard) in the Manufacturer field.

  • Then when you go to the Catalog Lookup button the filter is filtering on the wildcard * so everything appears.

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