10 Dec 2010

Overview of the LISTBOX_DEF Catalog Database Table

This optional table can be included in the Catalog Database file. It allows you to predefine filtering of the Catalog entries on the Parts Catalog dialogue box. AutoCAD Electrical normally shows all the entries for the selected Catalog Lookup table.

Filtering values can be defined differently for each Catalog Lookup table. The first field defines the Catalog Lookup table name. The next fields follow the same format and order as the Catalog Lookup table structure. Leave the field blank if you do not want to filter the records based on the values in that field. Access automatically handles the last field, which is the record number.
  1. When the Parts Catalog dialogue box displays, the program checks to see if the component already has a Catalog defined.
  2. If no Catalog is defined, the program checks the _LISTBOX_DEF table for a record with a TABLENAME value that matches the table name for the component.
  3. If a TABLENAME match is found, the program filters the records displayed in the Parts Catalog dialogue box using the non-blank values from the _LISTBOX_DEF record.
For example, when you first insert a relay coil symbol and open the Parts Catalog dialogue box, you want the CR Catalog table display to default to Allen-Bradley part numbers for TYPE P relays. Use a copy of Microsoft Access to open the Catalog Lookup file, and select table _LISTBOX_DEF. Insert a record with these field values: TABLENAME = CR, MANUFACTURER = AB, and TYPE = TYPE P. The text you enter must exactly match existing field values in the target table. Save and Exit. Now, when you insert a relay coil and select Catalog Lookup, the dialogue box opens with these filters predefined.

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