21 Oct 2013

Printing Line Weights in AutoCAD

A simple tip for AutoCAD users:

If you are looking to print the correct lineweights you have applied to your drawings there are a couple of methods you can follow.

The first is to make sure the LWT (line weight) button is turned on below your command bar at the base of the window, this will allow you to view line thickness in the created drawing before going to your plot options.

The second option can be accessed through your Plot Options in the print menu:

To access the extended menu click on the extension arrow highlighted by the green box in the figure below. Here you can change your Print Style (for colours use acad.ctb and for black and white use monochrome.ctb).

The next option is to make sure "Plot object linewights" is ticked on. (Highlighted in the blue box). Ticking this will create realistic lineweights on your printed drawing. 

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