2 Oct 2013

Inventor 2014 Service Pack 1

The first Service Pack for Inventor 2014 is now available for download:

Inventor2014_SP1_x86.msp (49272Kb)
Inventor2014_SP1_x64.msp (93768Kb)

Some of the issues addressed in this update (please consult the Readme for the complete list):

    Autodesk Inventor Professional 2014

      Cable & Harness
      • For some particular dataset, after placing a nail board view of a Cable & Harness assembly in a drawing file, Inventor unexpectedly exits when you close the drawing file without saving and then closing Inventor.

      Stress Analysis
      • Contacts in solids and faces at vertices are identified as face-face contacts. 
    Autodesk Inventor 2014

      Assembly Modeling
      • Cannot make a weldment iAssembly material valid as a weldable material. 

      Design Accelerator
      • Bolted connection does not update automatically when you repostion its location by changing the placement sketch point.

      Part Modeling
      • In the Insert iFeature dialog box, the help button is disabled if the iFeature is created with a legacy localization build.
      • iPart members do not show sketch and block definition.
      • iPart created from a feature with no dimension generates empty children.
      • When you measure distance in an iPart member, on the context menu Select Other is grayed out.
      • Mass calculation fails for a part that uses unpatched Rhino surface data.
      • ... more in the Readme

      • Cannot switch on and off the visibility of a sketch block when you edit the sketch.
      • Cannot create a coincident point when you attach a line to a projected point.

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