7 Oct 2013

Bamboo biking

New bicycles to the market can range from the out rightly ludicrously priced high spec Time Trial bikes seen in the pro racing environments right through to the 60 tonne steel things that sit on 2 random springs and end up collapsing with every pedal stroke. 

One bike that has entered the market by storm is some thing I became aware of while at Oxford Brookes University utilises some thing different; Bamboo. Bamboo is a grass that grows quickly, and after being cut down has little problem regrowing. 

Some small facts that accompany the material are such that it can absorb 5 times more CO2 and expel 35% more Oxygen than similar vegetation. Now you may think to yourself that this is just going to fall apart, but quite the contrary - they are fully built to British Standards and offer and extremely comfortable ride utilising its formidable absorption qualities. The bikes have even been tested and monitored using fatigue testing and extensive use of FEA. These bikes have been used in Alpine races right through to every day commuting.


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