7 Oct 2013

Inventor Tip - Indented Parts List

Peter Barker - Micro Concepts Ltd

It used to be the case in previous versions of Autodesk Inventor that when you placed a parts list on to a 2D drawing of an Inventor assembly the parts list could be edited and there was a little plus next to the sub-assemblies so that they could be expanded (or not) as desired:

There is indeed still an option to place a parts list in this fashion and the name hints at its history: Structured (Legacy).

This then shows what I would refer to as an indented parts list:
So that’s great if you know you want to do that as you place the parts list onto the drawing but what if you decide to do so after you have placed it? You can’t edit the style of the parts list right?

Ok so just delete it and re-place it but of course this problem is exacerbated if you have placed the balloons because they will need to be deleted too.

If you have placed a Structured parts list (not legacy) and now you want to create an indented parts list do the following:

Right mouse click on the parts list and select Bill of Materials.

The Bill of Materials window will launch, in this window select the Structured tab. And from the View options drop down list select ‘View Properties’.

In the Level drop down select ‘All Levels’.

OK the structured properties dialogue box.

Select Done on the BOM Dialogue box.

Double click the parts list in the drawing and you should now have the ‘plus’ signs next to all the sub-assemblies so that they can be expanded.

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