28 Aug 2012

Locate and Clear Overridden AutoCAD Dimensions

There are times in AutoCAD where we come across a dimension that has been Overridden, there may be a real reason behind this. But more often than not, it has been done for speed, which is not helpful when you want to make something from this drawing.

To find and correct Overridden Dimensions in a drawing follow the steps below:
  • Firstly this is an AutoCAD Express Tool, which are free, but do require you to tick the option during install. Open your drawing, then type dimreassoc at the command line, you will be prompted to Select Objects, drag a selection box over all Dimensions on the drawing.
Drag a selection box over the Dimensions

  • If there are any Overridden Dimensions on the drawing you will find that these are selected, leaving any others alone. This means the Dimensions selected have Overrides, to clear these and go back to accurate Dimensions, either right click or hit Enter.
Hit Enter to clear the Overrides

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