23 Aug 2012

Check In Related Items from Inventor to Vault

New functionality on the Vault Addin for Inventor, allows users to scan the current project or model folder for related documentation, including IDW, DWG, and IPN files. This feature offers a major productivity enhancement for users who do not regularly Check In their design documentation as they create it.
  • In previous versions of Vault when you ran a Check In from Inventor, it would check in the immediately related files. So in the example below we have a Drawing which contains views of a small Assembly and its Parts.
Check In Related Files

  • With Vault 2013 we get a new button on the Check In dialogue, this is the Related Files Scan. Before running this for the first time, you will want to check the configuration, select the down arrow to the side of the Related Files Scan button > Scan Configuration.
Check In Related Files

  • Within the Scan Configuration dialogue you can choose the file types, same name and locations to scan.
Check In Related Files

  • To run the scan select the Related File Scan button, this will take a moment to scan the locations set in the configuration to bring back the results, which will then be appended to the list of files to Check In.
Check In Related Files

  • Add any comments, then click OK to Check In.

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