2 Aug 2012

Create AutoCAD Tool Palettes with Drag and Drop

When using AutoCAD there are probably a lot of standard Blocks, Hatch Patterns or Dimension Styles for example, that you repeatedly use on different drawings. You may be jumping through hoops to find and reuse this information, so an easier way is to store it on AutoCAD Palette/s. Which can be created by simply dragging and dropping information out of your current drawing on to the Palette.
  • The first step is to turn on your Tool Palettes, to do this go to the View TAB > Tool Palettes.

  • You will probably want to create your own palette, so right click on one of the TABs on the Tool Palette, i.e. Annotation. Then select New Palette from the flyout menu, giving the Palette a suitable name.

  • Now simply select something in your drawing, i.e. a Block, piece of Text, Dimension, Hatch Pattern. Then Left mouse click + Hold then Drag to your Tool Palette. You will see a marker indicating where on the Palette it will be positioned after letting go of the mouse click.

  •  You can now quickly build up a Palette to suit what you want to do on your drawings. To reuse information from the Tool Palettes, simply click on one of the items in the Palette and tell AutoCAD where you want to place or use it.

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