20 Mar 2012

Showcase Decals with Image Colour Information

We have come across this situation a few times on support, where people have placed a Decal onto a face in Showcase. Then changed the properties of the Decal to use an image of their choosing, i.e. Company Logo or Picture. However the colours do not come through from the image file, it appears to be overridden in Showcase.
  •  The first step is to place your Decal on to the Face of your part. This is when you might notice that it is not displaying correctly.

  • To change the display of the Decal, right click on the Decal in Materials or right click on the Decals grip (green star), then go to Material Properties. Here you can browse for your image file, do this in both the Decal and Color sections. In the Color section, ensure you Use image file for the colour. In the Decal section you may need to tick on/off Invert decal texture, also whether to Use alpha from 'Decal' image file or Use 'Decal' image file, these will give different results depending on the image used.

  • Once set correctly your Decal will display correctly with colours from the image file.

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