22 Mar 2012

How to Use Inventor's Pack and Go

On support we need to request files from customer a lot, but we are also asked the best way to send Inventor information to colleagues or suppliers etc. The best way of sending Inventor information is using Pack and Go, as this will search for all elements required for the assembly/drawing you are doing a Pack and Go on. Follow the steps below to complete a Pack and Go yourself.
  • Before starting a Pack and Go, open the Assembly or Drawing you require packaging up. To start the Pack and Go command go to the Application Menu > Save As > Pack and Go. Once the dialogue appears you will need to set a Destination Folder, this is where all of the required files will go to. Under Options use the Keep Folder Hierarchy option (especially if you have Frame Generator or Bolted Connection parts) it is worth ticking Skip Templates and Skip Styles, this will help reduce the size. Once you are happy with the settings hit Search Now.

  • If you have hit the More button you will see a list of the files found which relate to the assembly/drawing you have open. At this point it is worth doing a Search for referencing files, set to Search project file locations, once you are happy click Search Now.

  • If any Referencing Files are found they will appear in the dialogue as below, here you can opt to Add drawings or files it finds referenced from lower level parts.

  • Now you are ready to hit Start, this will copy all of the relevant files to the Destination Folder for you to then Zip and send to whoever needs the information.

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