23 Mar 2012

Autodesk Vault White Papers

Autodesk regularly publishes White Papers regarding frequently asked-for topics such as how something works, best practises and optimising performance. There is a wealth of topics covered on the Autodesk Vault White Paper website.

The latest addition to the Vault White Papers website covers tests carried out on Vault speed performance used in conjunction with Riverbed WAN Optimisation technologies. See "Speed collaboration using Autodesk Vault and Riverbed WAN Optimisation".

"Geographically dispersed teams using 3D for clear design communication may struggle to collaborate effectively because sharing data using common Microsoft Windows file directories can take too long. Autodesk® Vault helps solve this problem by improving access to the latest designs even across global, wide area networks (WANs). When WANs exhibit high latency, the combination of Autodesk Vault and Riverbed® WAN optimisation technology utilising Steelhead®, a powerful data store and deduplication appliance, provides an effective solution to help maintain fast and efficient design data access. Tests performed by Autodesk illustrate the value of this combination—the addition of WAN optimisation may dramatically reduce file transfer by up to 99% without further requirements to upgrade or replace existing software or hardware"

This is an extract from the Cracking the Vault, Manufacturing Community Blog

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