29 Jun 2011

Change to Using the Full Help for Inventor

You have downloaded and installed the Inventor 2012 Full Help and for performance reasons you want to use it, instead of the help from Autodesk Wiki Help, even when you are on-line.

Of course, you can simply create a shortcut on your desktop and have it point to, for instance:

\Inventor 2012\Help_Full \index.html

However, if you want to access the Full Help from within Inventor or inside a dialogue, do the following:
  • Edit the file \Inventor 2012\Bin\HelpIds.xml in Notepad
  • Find the string UseOnline
  • Change the value from 1 to 0 and Save the file.
  • Restart Inventor
Note: Be aware that by downloading and using the help on a local drive, you have chosen to work with a snapshot version of the Help that is possibly out-of-date, contrary to the Wiki Help, which at all times shows the most up-to-date help information.

If you want to go back to the default behaviour, that is, to use the help from Wiki Help when you are on-line, set the value for UseOnline to 1.

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