27 Jun 2011

Vault Integration with Microsoft Outlook

With the 2012 release of Autodesk Vault, compatibility now extends to Microsoft Outlook - enabling users to access correspondence check-in from within Outlook. Users can now multi-select their email messages and check in using the ribbon commands to assign emails to a folder within the Vault.

Alternatively, users can map folders in Outlook to Vault folders so drag drop or email rules can be utilised to automate the add to Vault process. For example, in the image below, I have mapped a Work Order folder from my inbox to a Vault Project Folder. I have set up an Outlook rule for all emails that pertain to the Work Order, and now every email is automatically added to Vault in that Project folder.

So, how does this look in Vault? Once checked in, attachments in email are represented as Vault attachments.

Finally, you are able to preview and read email correspondence within the Vault Explorer Window.

This is an extract from the Under the Hood, Manufacturing Community Blog.

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