2 Mar 2011

Plan your SQL Upgrade for the Next Release of Vault

Microsoft are stopping support for SQL 2005 in 2011. If you have an existing Autodesk Vault installation, you will probably be using SQL 2005 and that will require updating to SQL 2008. Microsoft’s timeline is available on a link from the Micro Concepts Blog here:


There are two main scenarios for the upgrade.
  • SQL 2005 Express Edition:
If you are using the free version of SQL installed from the Autodesk Vault DVD you can upgrade to the SQL 2008 Express database which can be downloaded from Microsoft. This document details that process.
  • SQL 2005 Developer, Workgroup, Standard or Enterprise Editions:
The 2008 version of your database will have to be purchased from your Microsoft supplier before upgrading your server. Please contact your IT Department to budget and plan for this upgrade. If you need to check which version of SQL you have installed, Appendix A in this document (Page 13) has a solution to query your database to return the version information.

Click here to read the full Technical Document

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