4 Mar 2011

Remove Lost Image References in Borders

From time to time we come across an issue with Drawing Templates, where users are perhaps replacing an old company Logo, or adding additional Logos, or borders with other Logos. This can lead to a build up of Images in the Template, some of which do not appear visually on the drawing, as if a reference is stuck in the Template somehow.

This in turn leads to issues checking files into Vault, with unexplainable references to Images outside the Project location or locations where they no longer exist. On the whole this occurs more often when the Image/Logo has been Linked into the file rather than Embedded.

If you have this problem, then you can use a Macro to remove Inventor image references from the Drawing Template, see below. This Macro will need to be run several times to complete fully, do not rely on it removing the problem Image in one run.

If this does not remove the illusive Image/Logo, and the Drawing Template is a DWG rather than IDW. Then open the Template in AutoCAD (Vanilla) > type xref.

The External References dialogue will appear as above, this lists any referenced documents outside of the Drawing. To remove a File Reference, right click on the file > select Detach from the flyout menu.

You should now have a Drawing Template clear form any random Images, so you can then Embed the correct Image in your Title Block without any issues from Vault.

Tip: When adding a company Image/Logo to your Drawing Template try to make it as small as possible and Embed the Image. This means when you send a drawing out, the Image/Logo will appear and makes the Template as small as possible.

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