27 Jan 2011

Microsoft SQL 2005 retirement

Mainstream support for SQL 2005 is to be stopped by Microsoft this year. (http://support.microsoft.com/lifecycle/?p1=2855) While Autodesk have not made any announcements, we expect all Vault installations currently using SQL 2005 will require an upgrade to SQL 2008 when upgrading to the next release of Vault.

Most Vault installations use the SQL Express databases that can be upgraded without additional software costs. If you use a full version of SQL 2005 (Developer, Workgroup, Standard or Enterprise) an upgrade may need to be purchased. Most companies purchase SQL directly from their Microsoft suppliers, not through Micro Concepts. Please speak to your IT Departments to start budgeting.

We will clarify the situation as soon as we have full details from Autodesk. Your existing Vault 2010 or 2011 installations will not be affected by this change by Microsoft.

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