10 Dec 2010

LABS - Factory Layout Optimisation for AutoCAD

A Factory consists of a number of machines and other production equipment. The raw material flows through these machines where certain operations are performed to convert the raw material into the finished product. The location of these machines is very critical in determining the overall efficiency of the Factory, if they are not located in an optimal way, the Factory could be operating way below its target.

Many times decisions regarding the location of machines and other production equipment inside the Factory are done simply as best guesses, resulting in an inefficient layout. In some cases, layout studies are carried out either by hand or using spreadsheet tools, which are disconnected from the layout drawing making it extremely difficult to analyse the impact of multiple what-if layout scenarios on the layout.

The Factory Layout Optimisation utility enables Industrial Engineers and Factory Layout Designers to take existing 2D layout drawings created using AutoCAD and define the locations of the machines and material flow paths inside the Factory. This new technology provides real-time feedback on optimising the layout from a material handling standpoint, enabling more precise evaluation of multiple layout scenarios earlier in the design process. It helps to identify where non-value add costs are incurred and provides guidance to minimise these upfront in the design process.

The Technology Preview can be applied to new or existing 2D layout designs in AutoCAD 2011, AutoCAD Architecture 2011, AutoCAD Mechanical 2011 and Autodesk Factory Design Suite 2011.

This Technology Preview will expire on May 31, 2011.

Who is it for?

The Factory Layout Optimisation Utility is targeted towards the specific needs of Industrial Engineers and Layout Designers who need to determine the best location of production equipment inside the Factory.

You can try the Factory Layout Optimisation for AutoCAD for yourself at:


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