15 Dec 2010

Backup to a Remote Location

Normally with Vault you create a batch routine to create a backup on the same server (Local Disk). It is however possible to backup the Vault to another drive on another machine, to do this you will need to make the following changes:

1. Go into the ADMS (Autodesk Data Management Server) console on the server > Tools > Administration > Advanced Settings > Settings > change the Impersonation Settings to your Domain Admin User and Password (or a user with permissions to the location you wish to Backup to).

2. Next go to Control Panel Administrative Tools > Services > find SQL Server (Autodesk Vault) > right click > Properties > Log On > change This account to the same Domain Admin User and Password.

3. Finally modify your Backup BAT file to include your network location instead of the current Local Disk and Run accordingly.

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