1 Jun 2010

Improved Measuring Tools

The visual measuring tools in AutoCAD 2011 will make quick work of finding valuable information from your drawing. The Utilities panel of the Home tab contains these updated Measure commands (also found using the MEASUREGEOM command).


Used to measure the distance between two points, AutoCAD 2011 now visually displays the distance, delta x, delta y and the angle (in the xy plane). The Multiple option allows you to continue to pick points as AutoCAD displays a cumulative distance. If you need to include an Arc in the distance you can easily switch to Arc mode.


Use the Radius tool to quickly display the Radius of a selected Arc or Circle.


Quickly measure the Angle between two lines, of a Vertex, Two Points on a Circle, or an Arc.


Much improved over the standard AREA command, visual feedback makes your selection clear. Add and Subtract options are also available with the subtracted areas displaying in a different colour. An Arc option makes it easy to measure curved spaces.


Easily add a Height to a boundary to calculate the Volume. You can also find the Volume of Solids and Regions.

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