1 Jun 2010

4GB Limit Hit in SQL Express

SQL Express 4GB limit reached? How To Buy Some Time Before Having To Upgrade To Full SQL

Microsoft SQL Express 2005 and Microsoft SQL Express 2008 have limits on the size of the databases that they can Read/Write to. Once the limit has been reached, the database is put into read-only mode. This means that you can Login and get information/data, but you cannot make any changes to it (i.e. No Checkin/Checkout, No New Users, No New Items, No State Changes).

It will eventually become necessary to upgrade SQL from an Express version to higher version (Workgroup, Standard or Enterprise). However, you can buy some time by performing some of the following:
  • Delete unwanted files/folders
  • Purge unwanted versions
  • Change the Thumbnail property to Not In Use and Reindex Properties
  • Change any other unwanted Properties to Not In Use and Reindex Properties
  • Delete unwanted Obsolete Items (Productstream/Vault Manufacturing/Vault Professional Only)
  • Run a Maintenance Plan as per the Advanced Configuration Guide
This is an extract from the Cracking the Vault, Manufacturing Community Blog

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