1 Jun 2010

Flat Pattern Spiral Sheet Metal Parts

You want to know how to Flatten a Spiral Shaped Sheet Metal parts in Inventor.
  • Create a new 3D Sketch inside a Sheet Metal Part, then define a Helical Curve of type Spiral.
  • Define a Work Plane normal to the Axis of the Spiral.
  • Create a new 2D Sketch on this work plane and use Project Geometry to project the Spiral onto the 2D Sketch.

  • Note: At this point you could make the 3D sketch invisible.
  • Now Right Click on the projected Spiral and select Break link from the flyout menu. Note: This step is crucial to make the whole process work as it eliminates the G2 Discontinuities introduced by the Spiral projection.

  • Now complete the sketch and Extrude the 2D sketch as a Surface.

  • Using the Thicken command, select the Surface and Thicken by the sheet metal Thickness.

  • The Folded shape is now complete, simply select Go To Flat Pattern to see the Development shape.

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