2 Apr 2014

SSD prices gradually falling

I've done quite a few installs since joining Micro Concepts.  Whenever I'm asked about hardware upgrades, I advise on solid state drives, aka SSDs.  These are the single best upgrade you can get for your machine right now as they affect the speed of the entire system from booting up in record time, to loading applications not only quickly, but numerously - it is possible to load up every application you use on a daily basis quicker than it would take for just your background apps to finish loading on a normal mechanical hard-disk.

In spite of this, I've yet to see anyone using these drives in business.  Well now is as good a time as any.  The prices of the drives have dropped by about 1/3 in the past year and it's possible to pick up some of the more reliably rated brands for the same price their lesser rated peers cost this time last year.

Micro Concepts advises a minimum of 128GB, with 256GB recommend.  This is based on the sizes of the core Windows operating system, the upper limit of a Product Design Suite install (ultimate), your other applications, and enough room for your data.  Even if you have a roaming profile that houses your data we always recommend your Vault workspace is kept a folder in the root of C:\

Right now Samsung are offering up to £50 cashback on their EVO series.  These are reputed to be one of the fastest and most reliable drives on the market, and means you can get as much as a 1TB drive from Amazon for a little over £300


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