16 Sep 2011

Sweep Along an Edge

Prior to the release of Inventor 2012, when creating a Sweep feature along an edge you would have had to create your 2D profile Sketch (the shape to Sweep) and a 3D Sketch, into which the edge is projected (the Path for the Sweep).

Now you can simply create your 2D profile Sketch, then start the Sweep command and select the edge as your Path. When you create the Sweep feature, the edge is automatically projected into a new 3D Sketch.

Note: Using edges as a Sweep Path is not available for Assembly Sweep features.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the comments MarcoPolo.

    You are right you could/can create a path sketch (2D or 3D).

    The point here, is that the in the new release you do not need the path sketch (2D or 3D), you can simply pick the edge to sweep along. Inventor will then create a sketch automatically for you.