12 Sep 2011

Selection Cycling

If you have large, complex drawings, with overlapping geometry, you may have difficulties selecting a particular piece of geometry. With the Selection Cycling tool, when you select an object that overlaps other objects, AutoCAD displays a dialogue listing all of the overlapping geometry. Geometry highlights in the workspace as you move up and down the list.

To use Selection Cycling, first of all check you have it enabled on the Status Bar:

Now just click Click or Hover over the geometry and a small double box symbol will appear next to the mouse cursor:

Click when this symbol appears to bring up the Selection dialogue, listing all of the geometry at this point below the cursor:


  1. Note that Selection Cycling was introduced in AutoCAD 2011.

    1. John, as you mention this has been in AutoCAD for a couple of releases now, thanks for adding to the article.