15 Sep 2011

Project to 3D Whilst in the 2D Sketch

In Inventor 2012, if you want a 2D Sketch projecting onto a 3D Face as a 3D Sketch, simply do it whilst creating the 2D geometry. The new Project to 3D Sketch command projects geometry from the active 2D Sketch onto selected Face/s to create a 3D sketch. Follow the steps below:
  • Create your 2D Sketch

  • Go to the Sketch TAB > Draw Panel > click Project to 3D Sketch

  • Select the Face/s you want the 2D Sketch to appear on, the new geometry displays in the preview.

  • After you finish the 2D sketch, the 3D sketch is created.

Note: The projected geometry is Associative and updates with the parent geometry. You can disassociate the projected geometry by editing the 3D Sketch and using Break Link.

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