5 May 2011

Project Explorer

The new Projects feature helps you organise and manage all project related data from anywhere in Project Explorer. Projects uses property-aware links to represent objects stored in the Vault. When you make a change to a file using one of these links, only the source file is impacted. This linking system lets you manage all entity types directly from the main grid, giving you a single seamless interface for Project administration.

In addition, a new Project dashboard helps you generate and view reports directly from the Preview Pane.
Other benefits and Features include:

Project Links

A link is a direct representation of an object that can reside anywhere in the Project Explorer. While the link can reside in many places, the object represented by the link resides in one place only.

Most commands executed against a link are executed against the target object. This relationship between the link and the target object allows the user to perform actions on all data types from one location.

Links can be used to include data in data gathering operations like Get/Check Out, Check In, and folder Reporting.

Properties on Folders

Properties can be manually assigned to folders or automatically assigned based on the assignment of a folder Category.

Project Categories

Categorise folders to create Projects within the Vault. Properties associated with the categories will be applied to the Project upon assignment.

Edit Properties of Mixed Data Types

Properties can be edited on a collection of mixed data types. For example, Vault Professional users can edit properties on files and Items at the same time.

Project Dashboard

Reports based on data contained within a project structure are easily generated and viewed in the Preview Pane of the interface. The Reports include files, sub-projects, Items, and Change Orders within the Project. In addition, linked data and implied data can be easily included in the Report.

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