2 May 2011

Autodesk Content Explorer

The new Content Explorer enables you to quickly search for all types of content including blocks, attributes, layers and styles. Found on the Plugins TAB on the Ribbon (or command = contentexplorer), Content Explorer can search through thousands of files almost instantaneously, including the Autodesk Seek web service.

You can also Filter content using the built in Filters (i.e. Blocks, Layers or Folder) or type a search string to help track down the information you want. Using the Toggle Icon Size Button you can change the Thumbnail size, or switch to a Detail view.

If you wish to use an element you have found in the Content Explorer, simply Drag the content into your current drawing or right click to Open the source file from inside the Content Explorer.

Use the Add Network Content option to specify the Computer Name or IP Address of a machine you wish to access on the Network.

Tip: Search Autodesk Seek to easily add online content from a variety of manufacturers.

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