6 May 2011

Marking Menus

Marking Menus have been around in the industry for a while and those that use them 8-10 hours a day fly around never searching for commands or pallets to update. A flick of the wrist and off to the next command.

With the Marking Menu, muscle memory will eventually kick in. But with all changes, a transition period is needed to get used to the new menu. Some of you may have already turned it off, but we recommend giving it a try.

There are two modes you can use the Marking Menu with. The first is as you see it below, a typical pop up style menu, but with radial access to commands.

The other way is through Gesturing, this allows you to right click, hold and drag your cursor in the direction of the command. So for example, if you want to use the Line command in a 2D Sketch, right click, hold and drag the mouse toward a 12:00 position.

This will change the way you access commands and speed up productivity from a UI standpoint.

If you want to customise the Marking Menu go to the Tools TAB > Customize. This will allow you to edit the position, and features you want based upon your environment. So if you always want the same commands to display in the Marking Menu regardless of environment, customise it here.

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