6 Aug 2010

Vault Explorer Custom Filters

You can define Custom Filters on a Folder View within Vault, when applied these selections apply to the Current View.

You can use a Filter to return only the data you need from the Server, limiting the number of files in your view, increasing performance.
  • Browse to the Folder that you require in Vault, then go to View > Cutomize View.
  • In the Customize View dialogue click Custom Filters.
  • Click the Basic or Advanced TAB, depending on the type of criteria for which you want to search.
    • Basic: In the Search Text box enter any text string for the search criteria. Any file with a property containing the text string is returned.
    • Advanced: The Property List contains the properties associated with the files stored in the current Vault, the Items in the Item Master, as well as properties associated with change orders. From the Property List, select a property for which to filter. Next select a conditional statement from the Condition List. Enter a value for the selected property that corresponds to the condition set for the Filter. Finally click Add to include the criteria in Find items that match these criteria. If more than one Filter is added to the criteria list, the Filter combines the criteria.
  •  Click OK to apply the criteria as a Filtered View.
  • Click Close in the Customize View dialogue box to apply the Filter.

Note: When a Custom Filter has been applied the Filter symbol will appear in the Top Right to let you know that there are potentially more files in this folder. To clear the Filter, simply Right Click on the Filter symbol and select Clear Custom Filters.

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