6 Aug 2010

Navigation Bar

A new Navigation Bar replaces the Navigation tools that were previously available on the Status Bar. This new Bar resides on the right side of the screen by default and includes Autodesk SteeringWheels, ViewCube, ShowMotion, Pan, Zoom and Orbit.

  • The Navigation Bar can be customised to show the elements you want to see and also its position on the screen, to do this select the small down arrow at the bottom of the Navigation Bar.
  • The Navigation Bar also includes support for 3D Connexion devices when the 3D Connexion system driver is present.

  • Note: By default the 3D Connexion Add-in is set to Object Mode, this rotates in 3 axis, to stop your 3D Connexion device rotating your 2D drawing about in 3D, change this to 2D Mode.

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