7 Jul 2010

Splitting a Sketch

Sometimes when you have created a complex Sketch within a new part that you then want to Extrude, it may not be possible to select the specific areas that you wish to Extrude. The example below shows a Sketch which has created a shape in the middle that we wish to Extrude, unfortunately because the circles are complete Loops it will not allow us to select the relevant area.

  • To get around this issue and allow Inventor to select the relevant area of the Sketch for the Extrude, we need to Split the Sketch geometry. Whilst still in the Sketch, select the Split tool on the Sketch Ribbon.

  • Once the Split tool is active, move over your geometry, small x symbols will appear at the Split points, select the relevant geometry required to give you the result you require. In this example selecting one of the circles puts the Split where we need it.

  • Once the Sketch has been Split we can go back to our Extrude tool and select the required area, as we now have three potential Loops in the Sketch to select from.

  • The great thing about using the Split tool, is that our design intent is still maintained, so if we change any dimensions etc., the circles are still driven correctly as if they were whole.

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