7 Jul 2010

Check Your AutoCAD Graphics

Every year AutoCAD configurations get more complex. As new features are introduced – such as the new Advance Material Effect and Smooth line display in AutoCAD 2011 – we become more and more dependent on the support of our hardware partners. Prior to AutoCAD 2007 we only had a dependency on the Operating System, but since then we have also become more dependent on Graphics Cards and Drivers. Each new level of dependency brings new potential for interoperability issues. To cut down on the complexity of these dependencies and improve user experience we have created a hardware certification program within the AutoCAD team that is located at this site Graphics Hardware List. To check whether you are running certified drivers for AutoCAD, follow the procedure below.
  • Type 3DCONFIG at the command line and hit Enter.
  • Click the Check for Updates button.
  • Note: This button checks for updated versions of the Graphics Card and Driver Database that is used for Performance Tuning.
  • If there is an available update it will ask you if you want to replace it by clicking Yes.

  • After it has updated you will get a message that says Your Performance Tuner File is Up to date, then Click the View Tuner Log button.

  • The Performance Tuner Log will show you if you hardware is Certified, it will also show you your current Application Driver, an example is shown below. If your current driver says anything other than Software or AcadDM10.hdi, i.e., nvgl10.hdi, please switch your driver back to the Autodesk Driver.

  • If your System shows you do not have the Latest Certified Graphics Card Driver, you need to go to the Certification Site to download the latest version. To download the latest version click the little blue arrow next to the corresponding driver for you Hardware and Operating System.

  • By keeping your system up to date with the latest driver you will avoid losing both productivity and potentially unsaved work.

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